Welcome traveler! Imagine an Ark where you can actually make a home, develop a community, and be the survivor you were meant to be. Aradath’s premise is to minimize griefing and encourage roleplay. To join our community, please login through Steam and click the “Register to Play!” link which will allow you to send a request to be whitelisted on the server(s). **Note: Whitelisting has been temporarily removed to build up the player base and will be re-enabled at a future date.**

Once you’re whitelisted, click here to:



Just a few notes on the environment we’re trying to promote: This is a family oriented cluster. Please refrain from vulgarity, hate – speech or otherwise, swearing, and other general obnoxious or bad behavior. Cheating and exploiting are prohibited.

Please roleplay your character – the setting is, originally, an ark set in the distant future with interesting creatures from various time periods. You are a survivor trying to live in an unforgiving and hostile environment. You are not a dark elf, you are not an ogre, and you are not any other mythical creature. You are a human. You should probably find friends and allies to aid you in your quest to survive, though it is not necessary. You may run across unhappy or “bad” or mischievous humans in your ark – it is not against the rules, though griefing and harassment are – so keep that in mind if you are going to play a character that has that mindset.

Your moderators will be playing with you in the ark and their characters have their own personalities; not all of them are happy to be in the ark. They do have rules and regulations as well that they need to adhere to. Lastly, it would probably be unwise to ask a moderator for a ‘special favor’.

Good luck, survivor!