Welcome traveler! Imagine an Ark where you can actually make a home, develop a community, and be the survivor you were meant to be. Aradath’s premise is to minimize griefing and encourage friendly, yet entertaining PVP. To join our community, please join our Discord at discord.gg/fUV8rB7

Once you’ve joined the discord, click here to join the game:

CONNECT to The Island

Just a few notes on the environment we’re trying to promote: This is a family-oriented cluster. Please refrain from vulgarity, hate – speech or otherwise, swearing, and other general obnoxious or bad behavior. Cheating and exploiting are prohibited.

Your moderators will be playing with you in the ark and while they will not go out of their way to make your day bad, they will defend themselves. We actively encourage the attempts – you might get some great gear if you’re successful. They do have rules and regulations that they need to adhere to. Lastly, it would probably be unwise to ask a moderator for a ‘special favor’.

Good luck, survivor!